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The Tambourettes are a wonderful group of women who come to shows, play tambourines, dance and interact with the show. The help bring the show to life, and have shaped the show to the extent that I make sure I include tambourine parts in almost every song I play.

Naiya Islar

dls Falconer

“Loves Alaska”

MintFriday Magic

“Minty Fresh”

SherieAnn Thirty

“Sherie’s Gaslight”

Zayha Stoanes


Elfin Charisma

“No Secrets”

 Melith Rhiannyr

CallieDel Boa


Sugar Silverstar

“Loves to Shake”

Zara Dawn

Photo Title 12


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“Born to Dance”

“Too Sexy for my Tambs”


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Jeannie Jannings


Original Grif - Steve Griffiths
Steve Griffiths: Original Grif