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Grif on Stage—Looks just like me.

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This page links to You Tube videos of performances, pictures of shows and links to other articles and reviews etc. If you come across something interesting, please send me a link at




You Tube Videos

The Tambourettes                    The Tambourettes like you have never seen them before.

SL RockFest 2010                   Mozy Pera shot this at 30fps, great editing job.

Grif XMAS 2010                     Another great video from Mozy. Great work!

Poseball Blues                          Collection of gig shots - see if your date night ever went like this one!

Empty Rooms                           Same shots - different song :)

Dive Inn                                     Shot by Geo Meek - Where else can you perform with a horse and a mermaid in the same audience?

The Greenhouse                       Shot by Robert69 - High energy song - Enjoy


Portland Jam Videos.

Shot By Drutim Bates

Love is Strong                          Raw Song by the Stones!

The Crosshairs                           Get your Tambourines Out.

Do You Love Me?                   Rusty playing tambourine like it’s never been played before.  All three of us singing. Great version – Check it out!


Black Horse / Cherry Tree      Go Porter!

Night of the Hounds                RoseDrop gets Down

Crosshairs (PJ3)                        Look Ma—no looper—great fully live version—it’s what happens when you say “It’s like Green Onions—only faster”

Loving Hands                            Sounds exactly like we had rehearsed it before (we hadn’t)

Use Me                                       You know you want to!


Six or Seven Hours                   Sad Sad Song


Other Links 

Tonight Live                              TV Interview with Paisley Beebe, includes performance of Crosshairs, and shots of  the Tambourettes in the studio.


Music Sites

The Sixty-One                           On the Sixty-One, artists make music and listeners decide what’s good.

SoundClick                                Another Music site—you can get a widget to play my music and add it to your own site if you like.

IndieSpectrum Radio               All Second Life Artists, all the time, no commercials.  This link is for the web site so you can request artist music.

IndieSpectrum Stream             Click the Link, Hear the music.


Social Networks

I can’t say I keep these terribly up to date, but I do check for messages and visit.

MySpace -                                  I have no clue what they are doing to this site, and I’m not convinced they do either

FaceBook                                   It’s the law!

Moolto                                        Social Networking for avis

Plaxo                                           Yet another site

Crewspace                                  Keeping up with my old mates





Original Grif - Steve Griffiths
Steve Griffiths: Original Grif